The revelation of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as not quite optimal to call successful, you can not even get in the face of absolute negative records on Youtube as a constantly optimistic fan. We were all the more excited about what developer Infinity Warfare would be presenting at this year’s E3. The answer is now: Nearly eight minutes of gameplay show the single player, new weapons, functions and all that is just part of Call of Duty.

The first innovation can be seen right at the beginning: As captain of a spaceship we decide on the bridge, which of four missions we will tackle next – an enemy cruiser is to be destroyed. So far we do not know if the order of the missions is important, if there are optional missions and if the decision is more than a nice gimmick. After that, the small and fast glider takes on a real space battle between whole mountains of space junk – that looks fancy; but whether the combat glider really controls itself, is so far unknown and considering the brisk and always perfect sitting maneuvers felt a bit questionable.

Then it goes to the case of the cruiser to the point. Cool: With a grappling hook you can draw enemies and turn them off in close combat; Alternatively, you pull the hook quickly from cover to cover, instead of float around in Zero G. For the final, the bridge is stormed first and then leave the ship as quickly as possible, while the one or the other new technology gimmicks – such as a shield or a stasis grenade – are used. And one may say: that all looks cool. The end – with a look at Call of Duty Remastered – but then we liked a little better …