The multiplayer revelation of Battlefield 1 is only six days away, we are becoming increasingly impatient and logically more than happy otherwise when there is a leak. Fortunately, this case is not about the alleged insider info of alleged and supposedly super-secret super-insiders, but artwork showing environments, vehicles, destruction and more. Apart from the 40 beautiful works of art we have for you the overview of all things that you can see and notice …

  • Generally : Many of the artworks have been seen in one form or another for a short while in the teaser trailer. Be it the armored train with armament, a battleship, airships, tanks or a chase with canyons – not everything is completely new. Just as important to know: Just because there is an artwork, DICE does not have to implement the content in the end. However, it is very likely given the past.
  • Soldiers with Weapons : The artworks feature soldiers from various armies with extensive weapon bandwidth. The heavily armored soldiers in knight style are also visible. Real experts will probably be able to deliver a great list of weapons, which we will deliver to you in due course.
  • Naval Battle : On an artwork is a real naval battle to see. In addition to various battleships smaller boats are to see. Also exciting: On another artwork is a torpedo to see.
  • Paratrooper : A soldier hangs on a parachute and seems to fire at someone with his pistol. Parachutes are therefore likely to celebrate a return.
  • Zeppelin over London : A zeppelin hovers in a picture about Big Ben. Whether this is in multiplayer, but we dare to doubt. During the First World War, Germany first used zeppelins and later bombers to bombard London.
  • Storm on the coast Fort : In a picture, the British storm at dusk, a coastal fort in the Mediterranean region. Exciting: The fort is partially destroyed; this is known to be the talk of “destroying entire forts”.
  • Battle of the Air : On several of the pictures you can see aerial battles of single-seat and multi-seat aircraft. Partly it is fought directly next to airships.
  • A hot air balloon : On a picture a soldier is seen in the basket of a hot air balloon. Whether the balloons used in reality for observation missions and as a barrier against air raids are used in multiplayer, but so far unknown.
  • Sidecar : One picture shows a motorcycle with an armored sidecar. The passenger can use a light machine gun.
  • City, country and forest : Various pictures show cities, rural regions, mountains, desert or forests. The entire range of environments visible in the trailer is also visible on the artworks; There are many more details about the surroundings.