Battlefield 1 – Ammo 2.0 comes, but automatic grenade regeneration flies out

The completely new and discreetly controversial resupply balance for Battlefield 1 – which had received the very fancy-sounding name Ammo 2.0 … – is being revised and adapted. As producer David Sirland announced, the automatic regeneration of grenades and gadgets will be completely removed. A time-based component should still be included; without support you will not have any magical grenades or other equipment.


What exactly DICE means by that is not completely clear. Fact is: The solution, in which after some time new gadgets and grenades in a magical way simply appeared in the inventory, is history. The further changes of Ammo 2.0 like a slowly advancing counter, a Aufmunitionierungsstopp with suppression and various other changes are likely to be included. Whether Battlefield 1 remembers how much gadget ammunition and grenades you had at death and players can spurn accordingly less equipment, so far not yet known.


In plain language that means: Most likely you will probably use the solution proposed by various fans – including us … – where, after some time, you quickly get a new grenade very quickly, when you eventually find yourself at an Ammo box. More details will be published on Thursday with a new update in the Community Test Environment. Until then, we are waiting to see what exactly DICE will do in the end and are pleased that at least the discussion about magically emerging equipment should be over.

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