We’ve reported more than once about Battalion 1944 and showed gameplay : The multiplayer shooter of a small team from England is based on the Unreal Engine 4 and will appear sometime in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The big plan of the developers is ambitious: One wants to revive the glorious multiplayer times of a Call of Duty 2 or Medal of Honor: Allied Assault with the title, which was settled in the Second World War. Accordingly, missing unlocks, Killstreaks or other newfangled things – it’s about map skills, weapon mastery and a little teamplay.

Today, the Kickstarter campaign has expired. Instead of the planned 100,000 have come together in the end over 317,000 pounds, which has given the developers the opportunity to promise and implement various Stretchgoals . In an update, the devs thank the fans for their confidence and reveal how exactly it will continue. In the coming months, the development will pick up speed – the plan is to bring back “World War II” shooter and make it really big. The fans should see in the coming weeks and months slowly how the Devs tackle the topic.

On the fate of the two – as Stretchgoals unfortunately not found … – fractions Russia and England, the makers do not want to make big promises. However, it has been addressed by various publishers and will look at what is feasible without losing the rights and control of Battalion in 1944 or watering down the vision. There will be further updates and information in the coming months.

Finally, the developers have an announcement for all those who would have liked to participate in the funding, but thanks to the lack of a credit card could not help. You will start a Paypal promotion “soon” for a week – who donates during this time will also receive the Kickstarter rewards. Once the week is over, you will open the in-house store and give fans the chance to pre-order.