Visceral Games has hidden in Betrayal DLC today for premium owners, one or the other Geheminis. And while no-one knows yet how to unlock the Syndicate Gun – a real oldschool machine gun – the mystery surrounding the three-barreled “Mammoth Gun” has not been revealed six hours after launch. The powerful shotgun can only be unlocked on the “Grand Bazaar” remake of Chinatown, if you find six statues and enter a secret room.

The positions of the six statues can be found in the video. It is not necessary to run more than the corresponding position and press the Use key. Finally, it goes to the Map Center, where in a shop a button opens a hidden door. The room behind it is extremely reminiscent of the room in which an old Chinese sold Mogwai in Gremlins. Even the box where Mogwai was sitting can be found here – but you can not get started with her even though she has the symbol of the Syndicate Gun. In this very room you put a switch, a showcase opens and you can grab the Mammoth Gun and use it forever.