Battlefield Hardline is known to be the small and riff-ridden Buder of Battlefield 4 in more ways than one. (Developer Visceral Games and especially multiplayer producer Zach Mumbach have been cautious about one topic: statements The brand “We can not say anything, but we would love to do it” including appropriate speculation messy has not existed before – the producer teaser sometimes, but it is almost as directly as if he all DLC content in the community test Environment makes available.

But that’s the end of it. In view of the approaching end of pay for the police battlefield – the Betrayal DLC will be released in March … – there is now a statement for the first time that fans of speculation should enjoy: Unfortunately, one should not say anything to the Those who come to the fans after the fourth and last DLC – but you would like to be able to do that. And with that, the large speculative round might have been opened: What exactly are developers planning Visceral Games and Publisher EA for the police battlefield? And what does the loyal fans expect?

With that, Hardline joins the big Battlefield 4, where fans have been waiting for weeks for an official announcement from DICE LA . The only thing that is clear: Officially you can not say anything – the field for speculation is opened. And no matter if it’s about free new maps, an exclusive “Battlefield 5” alpha test phase in the Community Test Environment or new dinosaur masks at the end of the day, we’re really looking forward to the things that await us. #FeelTheHype