Battalion 1944 – New “World War II” shooter announced gameplay & screenshots

We’re leaving the Battlefield series for the moment and focus on Battalion 1944. The multiplayer shooter just announced promises to return to the qualities of a Call of Duty 2 or Medal of Honor: World War II, no unlocks, a focus on skill and brute infantry battles should inspire all those players who – devs quote … – no longer crave “unlock-grinding, exosuits or unfair abilities”, find hardcore shooter too lame and just like 2004 infantry Wanting battles in beautiful.

In the gameplay the devs concentrate on titles like Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Co. Or in other words: Killstreaks, Perks and Co. fall flat; the focus is quite oldschool on reactions, weapon mastery and map skills. A look at the gameplay in the announcement video below confirms this: The minimap is missing; There are hit markers and everything is going pretty fast. (Hach, the good old time …) But the battlefields are not supposed to be big: as in the role models it will be rather small.

The “Unreal 4” engine, motion capture and photogrammetry (which has already created beautiful looks in Battlefront) provide the technology. The launch is planned for 2017 on the PC, the Xbox One and the Playstation 4; before that there should be an alpha and a beta. For all this to work out, the Devs are hoping for fans of appropriate titles, and thus a large community: To finalize the game , they offer the title on Kickstarter and plans to collect over the next 29 days 100,000 British pounds. So far, close to 17,000 pounds came together. You are not enthusiastic and convinced yet? We have a nice feature list for you…

  • Infantry only : It is a pure infantry shooter. In addition, the devs point out that it should be a skill-based title in the tradition of Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 2 or Medal of Honor.
  • Western Front : Battalion 1944 focuses on the Wesfront and authentic venues. The devs have looked at the environments themselves and try to implement everything as true to the original. Each map should be playable in a number of known modes.
  • Only cosmetic unlocks : There are no game-related unlocks. Instead, there are only optical things that match the authentic look.
  • Battailion : The name is program – you join a battailion, fight with it or alone and earn points for victory. The best Battalions fight for title and eternal fame at the end of the season.
  • Server and Co .: There will be dedicated servers, LAN support and a server browser.


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