Battlefield 5 – Is Battlefield 2142; Playtest info supposedly leaked

The question of what exactly Battlefield 5 would have for a setting has definitely been asked more than once. Now an alleged Playtest report has emerged, according to the Battlefield 5 in the setting of Battlefield 2142 plays and therefore also expected to include the Titan mode, fresh weapons systems and more. We save ourselves first of all evaluations of the reality content and wish a lot of fun with the possible details …

The information comes from a player who according to their own statement in August 2015 was a member of a focus test at DICE. Whether the information is correct, you can currently unfortunately not verify. Among the details, we have a small assessment of whether and to what extent the alleged leak is based on facts.

  • Platform : Battlefield 2143 is to appear on the Xbox One, the Playstation 4 and the PC. The old consoles are history according to the report and are not supported.
  • Beta : The beta is supposed to start in August 2016.
  • The Maps : The player who claims to be a Playtester has reported two maps. On one occasion, a fairly large Map in the style of Final Stand was reported, which offered nine conquerable points. In addition a map played in London.
  • The Titan Mode : As the mode of the well-known Titan mode was used, which takes first rocket silos and thus weakens the shields of the Titans of the opponents. Once these are down, the Titan is damaged by the missiles and can also be boarded to be destroyed from the inside.
  • Number of players : According to the report, there were 80 players on a server in the playtest. The plan of the developers in the summer of 2015 was to have until August 2016 even up to 120 players on a server in the Open Beta.
  • Vehicles – tanks : According to the reports, there has been a suspended tank . It had a limited speed boost, an upgrade that accelerated the auto repair, an explosive AP (X) bullet, a HVMG (Hyper Velocity Machine Gun) and a zoom.
  • Vehicles – Mech : The ‘Mech had a faster self-repair time in the playable build, a zoomable main gun, a 25MM cannon, an explosive cannon, and a TOW cannon (the missile could be detonated if desired). The Gunner probably has the option to use Smart Lock missiles and a gun.
  • Vehicles – ATV : According to the report, the ATV has HVMGs and other upgrades.
  • Vehicles – VTOL : The Luftwaffe uses VTOLs. The pilot has a 30MM cannon and Smart Lock rockets (as in Battlefield 2142), while the co-pilot uses a TOW gun and a micro rocket launcher.
  • Vehicles – Transport VTOL : The Transport VTOL has a normal gun on each side.
  • Vehicles – AMTRAC : The AMTRAC was very hard to destroy. He had a micro-rocket launcher and a Proximity Electro Shock System.
  • Vehicles – MAA : The mobile air defense is extremely light armored, uses normal rockets and slowly flying bullets. To increase accuracy, the mobile air defense can be anchored in the ground, according to the report.
  • Vehicles – Aircraft : The new jets use a flight system that gives a player full control. The normal cannon is supported by Active Radar missiles, but thanks to the new flight system you can easily shake off. In addition, every jet can take off and land vertically.
  • Classes : According to the report, there was a normal assault rifle, a defibrillator, a pistol, and a burst weapon. In total, five more classes were included; but they were still grayed out.
  • Movement : The Movement is a classic Battlefield. Wallrunning and Co. do not exist.
  • Levolution : The levolution has been drilled out. Depending on what you do, the effect is adjusted – for example, a tower could fly around in eight directions.
  • Dynamics : There was dynamic weather and a random time of day.
  • Free stuff : There should be 10 free maps and 15 free weapons,
  • Premium : There should be five or six premium DLCs. For this, the Xbox One should get the content first.

Of course you can now ask yourself if the alleged report is correct. The supposedly accurate information about premium and free content argue against it (because such a thing usually remains secret at such an early stage). The fact that there are some – for example, in the vehicles very specific details, while on other topics (such as the maps, the graphics or the sound) hardly anything is said pull the alleged leak in the twilight. At the same time, however, the information sounds at least halfway realistic and after a corresponding development of Battlefield 2142. In general, we also notice no content, in which one must say that it can be completely impossible true. Regardless of what’s real in the end or not, it will not be too long, until we learn the truth. Until then, we enjoy the alleged information just with a very large pinch of caution …