Star Wars Battlefront – Wie man vor Release spielen kann

All of us (with the exception of all those involved in 4 fights with contaminated muntants in Fallout) know it: It’s “Star Wars Battlefront” Week! And while we’re still waiting for reviews, PC gamers are wondering when to finally get started. The answer is quite simple: The preload – and the “Day One” patch … – are already available. Starting today, you will be able to go into battle on the side of the Empire or the rebels with a trick even before the official release date on Thursday.

Incidentally, it’s a very easy task for consoleros: If you find a merchant who already sticks the game to you before the official German release date on Thursday, you can feed the console with the title, download the “Day One” patch and then officially start playing ,

PC players who already have a key, unfortunately have to do a little more. The launch is the same: You install Battlefront of the DVD or raises the preload. After that you have to convince Origin that you are in the right country. Incidentally, New Zealand and Malaysia start the day today. Once there Battlefront has appeared, you must follow the following instructions …

  • Ends Origin.
  • Download a VPN Trial here . (Or use another VPN client, but since Battlefield 3, we recommend the linked one because it’s very easy to use.)
  • Runs the VPN client and enters the regularly changing password.
  • Now look in the server overview for a server in a country where Battlefront has already been published.
  • Connects to this server.
  • Launch Origin and then Star Wars Battlefront.
  • The date query should now be easily overcome.
  • Once you’re in Battlefront, disable the VPN client again. Until the next restart you can play Battlefront easily now.

Incidentally, the only thing left to blame for the various release dates is a remnant of the old days, when you bought games exclusively at the store or sent them by post. Apparently at that time games in the USA were preferred bought on Tuesday; In most of Europe, Thursday was preferred and the British officially set off on Friday. Somehow, all of this is not contemporary anymore …

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