Battlefield Hardline – Patch changelog and blackout DLC info released

The changelog for the Battlefield Hardline update released today is now live. With the update, there are not only fixes, changes, new music, possibly killer crocodiles and improvements – the developers have also added two night variants of existing maps, two fresh weapons, the night vision device and more in the game with the free blackout DLC. And we now give you an overview of the changelog and everything you need to know …

Blackout DLC

The blackout DLC is free for all players and brings a boost of new content.

  • Night Job : This is a night variation of the popular Map Bank Job.
  • Nightwoods : Behind Nightwoods hides the night version of the DLC map Backwoods. The night version is available for all players – even those without the corresponding DLC ​​…. By the way, in the small modes it is darker on the map than in the big modes.
  • Night vision device : The night vision device can be activated and deactivated, occupies a gadget slot and dips the map in green light when in use. But it is not very useful according to some players.
  • RO993 : The Battlerifle version of the carbine can be used for all classes and fractions. To unlock the weapon that must be achieved at Night Job on Night Woods with the RO933 carabiner both ten kills.
  • M110K5 : The second Battlerifle usable for all classes and factions can be obtained by scoring 25 kicks with Battlerifles on Nightjobs and Nightwoods.
  • Rekt & Salty : There are two new patches that all players get.



New features

By the way, the developers have given Battlefield Hardline many other features as well.

  • More content : There is new music in the car radio and new camouflage.
  • “Chomp chomp” : What the devs want to say to us, we do not know. Maybe it has something to do with the Killer Crocodile Easter Egg, where you could first shoot a crocodile and then use it as a melee weapon …
  • Spectator mode : The Spectator mode has been revised. Team names and emblems now appear as banners, you can see the targets in the Spectator list, choose the team color and see the whole map. For this purpose, the controller has been fixed and improved.
  • Squad Join : You can now join an entire squad through the server browser.



Fixes, balance and more

Away from these major changes, much more has been done. And that’s very good too …

  • Loadout : The loadout bug has been fixed.
  • Stability : Several crashes have been fixed on the different platforms.
  • Glitches : You can not leave the map on Black Friday and Museum.
  • Weapons : Fixed various bugs on the weapons. For this purpose, some damage values ​​were adjusted, the sound of the DMRs was revised and especially the Battlerifles were revised again.
  • Super Features : All players who bought Robbery can now use the Legendary ranks.
  • Stats : Fixed several bugs that did not count earned points, did not appear in Battlelog, or did not show values ​​correctly in stats. Also not correctly activated Boosts belong now to the past.

Battlefield 4 – Alle Modi auf Dragon Valley testen

Das „Dragon Valley“-Remake für Battlefield 4 hat einen langen Weg hinter sich:  Nach der ersten spielbaren Version gab es eine lange Pause, dann drehte sich alles um die „Team Deathmatch“-Version, die ein Remake von Noshahr Canals darstellt. Es folgten Conqust Large, Air Superioty mit gemischten Fahrzeugen gab ein kurzes Gastspiel und dann kam der Rush-Modus. Nun haben die Entwickler die Testphase von fast allen (vermutlich) geplanten Modi eingeläutet: Es gibt Server mit allen Modi, den richtigen Spielerzahlen – Capture the Flag ist übrigens ebenso dabei wie Air Superiority für 32 Mann… – und die Bitte um Feedback.

  • 64 Spieler: Hier wird ausschließlich Conquest Large gespielt.
  • 32 Spieler: Für 32 Mann steht eine große Menge Modi zum Testen bereit. Neben Conquest Small gibt es auch Obliteration, Capture the Flag (bis dato nur als DLC-Modus verfügbar) und Air Superiority.
  • 20 Spieler: Für 20 Mann gibt es Testserver mit Team Deathmatch, Gunmaster, Domination und Squad Deathmatch.

Traditionell gab es natürlich ein großes Update für das Community Test Environment. Neben Kleinigkeiten wie mehr Nebel am Wasserfall oder hinzugefügten Stromtrassen gab es auch größere Änderungen wie neue Objekte am Tempelhafen oder im Fischerdorf. Außerdem haben die Entwickler etwas an der Fahrzeug-Balance gearbeitet.