Battlefield 4 – This is how everyone unlocks the Phantom Bow

DICE LA had already revealed before the fall patch that the update would make an up to now only premium-exclusive weapon in Battlefield 4 available to all players. Now the big patch – the perfect changelog and all the highlights you can find here as well … – gone live and the developers kept their word: On the free new Map Operation Outbreak every player can unlock the notorious Phantom Bow. You do not have to do much to do this: run loose, open a box, pick up the bow and you’re done and you can hunt your enemies across the battlefields for ever and ever. It is almost impossible. And we have all the information and even a video with instructions …

Regardless of whether you own Premium or not, on the new and free Map Opration Outbreak, you can just walk from Ghost Town (C Flag) – just a few yards, by the way – east until you reach a small ravine. There is a box there – if it is closed you have to open it with a melee attack; if it is open, you just have to access it or press the reload button. Once you have done that, you have officially unlocked the phantom bow and can use it and its four different types of arrows anytime, anywhere. Because it’s likely to be frustrating in the middle of a big battle, when suddenly half the team would go to the bow, (where then probably someone would lurk with C4 …) you can unlock the arc on a completely empty server. The only rule: The server must have activated the ranking.

Premium owners may have already unlocked the arc in the context of a comprehensive scavenger hunt on various DLCs and do not have to do anything. (And before you’re disappointed as a premium owner that now everyone comes to the bow: The fun has made especially the scavenger hunt and the cooperation of the community.) In principle, the Phantom Bow in its role as a primary weapon anyway too little Although a head shot is directly fatal, you are inferior to it in the normal firefight. Even the new poison arrow – the last and newly added type of ammunition that must be selected before the spawn – does not change this old rule. That fits in perfectly with the developer’s plan that the fun should play a major role here – who sneaks around quietly and wants to annoy the opponents,