Battlefield 4 – Changelog with all patch changes

After the autumn patch of Battlefield 4 including the free community map has appeared, many players have wondered what (hell) the developers have since changed all. Luckily, there is a whole 30-page (!) Changelog that someone else has translated one-to-one (!!) – so you’re well looked after and in the best hands possible. DICE LA has replenished the patch with content after a little summer update: There’s the new community map, tons of improvements to the netcode, a complete overhaul of the ground vehicles, a complete overhaul of the aircraft and all the weapons that influence them. For this purpose, various gadgets have been adjusted. Because that is still a lot to read, we have an overview of all the really important innovations, what is behind them and what that means. There is also a corresponding video with all the necessary information. In short, really everyone is optimally cared for, so that in the end no one can complain when he bites the grass or can no longer use old strategies.

Vehicle Balance

Behind the changes are several thoughts: ground vehicles should generally be a little stronger, while the aircraft should be played significantly more variable by revising the weapons and countermeasures. By reintroducing below the radar – at a certain height one is safe from vehicle locks – it has been ensured that aircraft have higher chances of survival. In addition, the vehicle weapons were generally adapted so that each weapon is useful, but there is also no perfect and always superior combination. In addition, it has been ensured that the mobile air defense regularly leave the main base by limiting their range. Also exciting: The angle at which projectiles strike is now crucial for the damage of many ground vehicles, You can not use launcher in the Scout Heli anymore and the speed of the tanks has been increased. For more detailed information, we especially recommend a look at the exact patch notes – there has been a lot of weapons, damage values, speeds and Co. done.

Infantry Balance

Changes to the infantry balance are mainly focused on making the new vehicle balance work better. Accordingly, battle pickups (which could be used against vehicles) were weakened and the throw range and blast radius of C4 reduced. The Stinger was converted to the best weapon against helicopters, while the Igla is ideal for use against jets. Both launcher have in common the fact that they now do more damage and at the same time have longer reload times and “lock on” times. In addition, the rocket launcher have been adapted so that the players have more sensible options. Quite the same, the AA mines have been strengthened again: They turn on enemies immediately and you can use a rocket launcher; At the same time, the range has been massively reduced.

team Play

One would like to move the players with more resources to more teamplay. Objectives and wins have been significantly increased, while the long shot sniper bonus for headshots has been set at 25 points. In addition, squad leaders who do not give orders are replaced 30 seconds after asking the questioner. More importantly, if a point is taken, then the command is canceled – who wants to defend the position, must again give a new command. This should keep the squad leaders permanently active.

System Code

According to DICE LA, the patch continues the hunt for the “best netcode in a multiplayer title”. Most of the “High Tickrate” bug has been fixed. In addition, the update will drastically reduce dying, killtrading and unloved dusting. Important: Dusting is reduced only if you have a normal ping! Starting at values ​​of about 250 milliseconds, hits on current players will sometimes no longer be registered if you are not aiming for them. A look at the performance tools – shown on the right side of the screen – helps in case a lot of weird things happen. Orange icons mean a warning; red icons indicate real problems.

And #moar

There were more fixes. So the crazy team balancer has been fixed, the player could condemn to eternal attacking or defending in rush mode. Also the bug with an invulnerable opponent and the fake reload were fixed. There were several other detail improvements.

An epic thank you for the translation goes to Battlelog moderator t he7thguest !

The main focus of this update was the completion of the community map project. The result of this project is the “Operation Outbreak” card, which was created openly in the Community Test Environment. 
This release also includes a fairly comprehensive vehicle balance review. We have therefore modified the format of the patch notes to better explain the changes made. We hope you like this new and more detailed version!

The community map project is unique in many ways. We’ve given you complete insight into creating a Battlefield map, from the prototype phase to the release of the final product in the fall update! 
Our original goal was to use this map to create a medium-sized terrain map with infantry focus (such as Zavod 311) and massive destruction, but it does not present a gigantic script event, but offers a fascinating location in the long run.

Based on this consideration, we asked the community through surveys and our communication channels which direction we should take. All elements, from the topic (winner of the vote was the jungle) on the name (Operation Outbreak) up to the prominent points (eg waterfall or temple) were determined and influenced by the active community. 
We are extremely satisfied with the result of this experiment, and the card definitely speaks for itself. 
We would like to thank all those who have participated in this project!

Operation Outbreak supports the following game modes:
• Conquest Large / Small 
• Rush 
• Dominance 
• Destruction 
• Squad Destruction 
• Team Deathmatch x2 
• Weapon Master x2 
• Squad Deathmatch x2 
• Link 
• Capture the Flag


In this release, we will be making extensive improvements and changes to the vehicles, vehicle gadgets, and vehicle-related infantry gameplay. 
To illustrate our thinking and motivations behind these changes, let’s start with a brief summary:

Vehicles • Improve mobility and countermeasures to strengthen vehicles overall.

• Add support for flights under the radar, improve countermeasures, and revise anti-aircraft missile balance for a more dynamic set-up.

Weapons • Reshape vehicle weapon balance to allow better choice of vehicle options. For all weapons, there should now be a perfect opportunity and a perfect niche.

Mobile air defense
• Reduce the effective range of the mobile air defense, so that they must advance more into battle (without losing their defense role against aircraft).

In order to give you the context for the individual changes to this extensive list, we have decided to list everything by category and to explain our intentions before the detailed list of changes.


Secondary Weapon: Active Radar Rocket
The new role of the active radar rocket is to fight at long range. At low to medium range, their target pursuit is worse, and it has the least damage of any anti-aircraft missile. Since there is less ammunition available, it is necessary to be more careful with their firing.

These changes affect all vehicles equipped with the weapon: Mobile Air Defense & Tarnjet. 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced to 1,500 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time increased from 25s to 30s 
• Damage increased from 100 to 135 
• Beam length increased from 500m to 650m 
• Steering delay at 0.5s 
• No steering target tracking below 100m 
• Curve rate to max. 350 reduced 
• Maximum speed increased to 350m / s 
• Standard spawn camera activated to increase target accuracy 
• Detection of empty vehicles activated 
• Steering system activation time at 0.5s • Takeover angle 
reduced from 2.0 ° to 1.8 °

Secondary Weapon : Passive Radar Missile
The Passive Radar missile now mainly has a jet-antipersonnel role. It has a good maximum speed and pre-firing. Pre-firing allows traps to be set up, but the hold-lock mechanism gives the targets good escape chances. The use of the main gun becomes impossible. These

Changes affect all vehicles equipped with the weapon: Tarnjets, Mobile Air Defense & Combat Boats. 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced to 2,000 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time reduced from 30s to 20s 
• Damage increased to 195 (all vehicles) 
• Blast length increased from 500m to 650m 
• Time reduced from 10s to 6s 
• Curve rate to max. 350 reduced 
• Pre-firing enabled 
• Acceleration increased to 75m / s² 
• Unified acquisition time at 1.1s 
• Unified take-over angle at 5 ° 
• Standard spawn camera enabled to increase target accuracy

Secondary Weapon: Heatseeker Rockets
Lightweight Fire-and-Forget Rocket. Provides better damage and better ammunition availability for shorter ranges compared to the active radar missile. Medium damage.

These changes affect all vehicles equipped with this weapon: Tarjets, fighter jets, spy helicopters, combat helicopters, and mobile air defense. 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced to 2,000 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time reduced from 30s to 20s 
• Damage increased to 195 (all vehicles) 
• Jet length increased from 500m to 650m 
• Time reduced from 10s to 7s 
• Curve rate to max. 250 reduced 
• Acceleration increased to 50m / s² 
• Maximum speed increased to 250m / s 
• Unified acquisition time at 1.3s 
• Unified takeover 
angle at 5 ° • Unified steering delay at 0.2s 
• Detection of empty vehicles activated

Secondary Weapon: Laser Steering Missile
• Damage to laser targets has been corrected. Detection range has been increased (except for jets). 
• One-hits against aircraft are no longer possible with laser rockets 
• Laser rockets can now correctly track and hit fast ground targets • Fixed 
an issue where some laser rockets did not track correctly after firing 
• Detected range of laser rockets increased from 500m to 650m 
• Acquisition time of laser rockets reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s

Secondary Weapon: TOW Rocket
• Damage to laser targets has been corrected. Acquisition range has been increased. 
• One-hits against aircraft are no longer possible with laser rockets 
• Laser rockets can now track and hit fast ground targets correctly 
• Detection range of laser rockets increased from 500m to 650m 
• Detection time of laser rockets reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s

Secondary weapon: Zuni missiles
This change affects combat boats, mobile air defense and armored infantry fighting vehicles. The primary weapon of attack helicopters is not affected. 
• Speed ​​and acceleration have been adjusted to allow a more natural trajectory. 
• Motor power increased from 50m / s² to 125m / s² 
• Maximum speed reduced from 300m / s to 200m / s 
• Time to use reduced from 6s to 5s 
• Sagittarius upgrade: Sagittarius blaze 
added • Blast damage added for additional hazard Speed ​​and increased range. 
• Initial speed increased from 15m / s to 40m / s 
• Initial climb rate increased from 0m / s to 3m / s • Blast damage increased 
from 0 to 60
• Blast radius 
reduced from 7m to 5m • Reload time reduced from 10s to 5s 
• Increased time to use from 0.5s to 3s

Passenger Weapons: Miniguns
• Melee 
damage increased, maximum range reduced • Damage increased by Boots Minigun from 2-10 to 6-12 
• All Minigun damage now drops earlier (200-300m instead of 250-500m)

Countermeasures: changes

Countermeasure: IR Flares
The recharge time has been reduced to allow the aircraft to re-engage in combat faster. Additional flares can be used to slightly extend the protection period. Jets have so far encountered the problem that their one-time use of flares enabled an almost instantaneous re-capture. 
• Reload time reduced from 20s to 15s 
• Fired amount of flares increased to increase efficiency and protection duration 
• Flares are now more effective against passive radar missiles 
• Flares are slightly more effective against Heatseeker missiles, Stinger missiles and IGLA.

Countermeasure: ECM jammer
reduces recharging time (as with IR flares). Provides longer protection than Flares, but has a higher recharge time. The longer protection allows you to stay in combat for a little longer, while you have to flee with flares almost immediately. Can also prevent detections (as an option for very defensive players). 
• Reload time reduced from 25s to 20s 
• Countermeasure: Fire extinguisher 
• Lowest recharge time of all countermeasures. Prevents no damage, but merely eliminates the impact of mobility hits. 
• Reload time reduced from 25s to 8s

Countermeasure: Active protection
uptime / downtime has been reduced. Inserts must therefore be better timed. Shelling by aircraft is no longer prevented. Reliability in the active state has been increased. 
• Reload time reduced from 35s to 22.5s 
• Uptime reduced from 5s to 2.5s 
• Premature shutdown mechanics removed. So far, protection for certain weapons has been lifted prematurely (ahead of the expected 5s). This no longer occurs, so the protection lasts the entire duration. 
• Cooldown of the protection system stops red lights.

Countermeasure: IR smoke
reload time adjusted according to other countermeasures. 
• Reload time reduced from 15.8s to 15s (HUD display previously erroneously 25s)

Countermeasure: Smoke screen
reloading time adjusted according to other countermeasures. 
• Reload time (according to the intended reload time) adjusted to 12s 
• Minimum damage radius increased by 1m


General: Flight Under the Radar
So far there has been no reason in air battles to prefer the deep flight, as this only kept the player from aiming up. In addition, it was extremely difficult to prevent enemy aircraft detection because they were able to track the player and barely helped physical cover against top attacking enemies. 
We solve this problem by exchanging the lower altitude for the inability to capture. This change also causes a major disadvantage of the passive radar missile: If the target is at a low altitude, it can no longer be tracked by the missiles!
The flight under the radar was activated for all aircraft. Below a certain altitude, therefore, no detection of aircraft is more possible! 
• The flight under the radar is triggered by helicopters under 25m and jets under 50m . 
• This applies to all vehicle-based anti-aircraft missiles, but not to any infantry-based missiles. So watch out for infantry with Stinger missiles on the ground!

General: Critical hits
The critical damage systems have been adjusted for aircraft to reduce the likelihood of crashes on critical hits. Critical hits should not lead to crashes and eliminations, but reduce mobility. 
• Critical hit systems have been redesigned so that aircraft crash less frequently when they are critically damaged. Helicopters should turn less frequently, jets should sink less often to the ground.

General: Helicopters
We have improved the impact resistance of all anti-aircraft missiles. 
• Anti-aircraft missiles can no longer fly through transport helicopters and spy helicopters.

General: Jets
We have further emphasized the strength adjustment model, making jets stronger against spy helicopters, but weaker against armored personnel carriers and (altogether weaker) mobile air defense. 
• Jet damage against spy helicopters increased by 20% 
• Damage to APT & Mobile Air Defense reduced 
• Fighter Jet Primary Weapon: 30MM GAU gun 
• Speed takeover activated to increase crosshair precision • Increased 
damage against spy helicopters

Fighter Jet Secondary Weapon : Hydra Missiles
• Crosshairs 
retouched • Range reduced to 750m

Tarnjets: General
• Doubled the number of anti-aircraft missiles (heatseeker, passive radar and active radar) 
• Increased primary weapon damage against spy helicopters • Reduced 20MM / 25MM jet gun 
deviations from 0.4 ° to 0.36 °

Combat Helicopters: General
• Copilot 
Gun Seat Take Off Speed ​​• Reduced Missile Range to 750m

Gunship Primary Weapon: Smart Missiles
• Ammo: Automatic refill time reduced from 18s to 16s 
• Scatter completely removed


All primary weapons are now even better balanced. The mobility of boats has been improved (faster reversal). The importance of damage angles has been increased, so that smart positioning is now even better possible. 
If you choose skillful attack angles against your opponents, you will take less damage. However, if you choose an awkward angle you will take more damage. Thanks to the new angle multipliers, armored bullets can rarely lead to critical hits.

Primary Weapon: 25MM Cannon
Highest damage per magazine. Is good against infantry. 
• Increased explosive damage from 20 to 22 
• Increased initial velocity from 200m / s to 300m / s 
• Increased gravity from -3m / s² to -6m / s² 
• Reduced damage from 15 to 13.5 
• Physics: Increased explosive momentum from 750 to 500 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time reduced from 20.0s to 12.0s 
• Maximum angle reduced from 1.0 ° to 0.2 ° 
• Inner blast radius increased from 1m to 2m 
• Blast radius increased from 3m to 5m 
• Damage to tanks reduced

Primary Weapon: 30MM Gun
Highest long-term damage output against ground vehicles. Causes rapid damage. Short range. 
• Blast 
damage reduced from 25 to 22 • Damage reduced from 30 to 24 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time reduced from 16s to 12s 
• Scatter: Minimum angle reduced from 0.5 ° to 0.2 ° 
• Scatter: Maximum angle from 1.5 ° to 0 , 2 ° reduced 
• Gravity reduced from -9.81m / s² to -6m / s² 
• Inner blast radius increased from 1m to 2m 
• Blast radius increased from 3m to 5m 
• Magazine amount reduced from 4 to 3 
• Damage to tanks reduced

Primary Weapon: Salvage Gun
Very high damage output against aircraft. Well suited for fighting at long distances. 
• Damage reduced from 10 to 8 
• Physics: Explosive impulse reduced from 750 to 500 • Ammo: Automatic refill time reduced 
from 20s to 12s

Primary Weapon: Passive Radar Missile
Passive radar missiles are now properly fired (instead of the previously used Heatseeker missiles)

Primary Weapon: Laser Steering Missiles
Inconsistencies in magazine volumes and automatic refill times of various factions have been resolved. 
• Amount of all boats is now 2 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time is now 15s on all boats

Transport vehicles: RHIB’s
chance of survival has been improved. 
• Health increased from 500 to 750 
• Back damage has been removed


speed and handling have been improved. All weapons have been redesigned to optimize their use. 
The size of the active shield has been increased. It now works better in the movement. 
Crosshairs (tanks, armored infantry vehicles, mobile air defense) corrected

Main battle tank
survival in vertical environments has been increased. Bad / backward angles now cause increased damage. Speed ​​and acceleration have been increased so that the individual fractions are a bit more balanced.

Angle Multipliers 
• Topside: Multipliers have been reduced at angles above 45 ° to improve the tank’s chances of survival in highly vertical environments. 
• Front: Multipliers have been slightly increased for angles over 45 ° to enhance their meaning.

Handling: M1 Abrams
• Acceleration improved 
• Durable maximum speed of 53 km / h increased to 61 km / h

Handling: T-90 A
• Durable maximum speed of 54 km / h increased to 57 km / h

Handling: TYPE 99
• Durable maximum speed increased from 54 km / h to 60 km / h

Main Battle Tank Primary Weapon: AP Missile
The Standard Missile. Is good for eliminating infantry and vehicles. Momentum has been reduced to increase the chance of recovery of helicopters after hits. 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced from 5,000 to 2,500 
• Physics: Explosive momentum reduced from 5,000 to 1,500

Main Battle Tank Primary Weapon:
Sentry Level Bullet Great for speeding through armor thanks to its high speed. Good effect against aircraft, since it is hardly possible to avoid it. 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced from 5,000 to 2,500 
• Physics: Explosive momentum reduced from 5,000 to 1,500

Main Battle Tank Primary Weapon: HE Missile
While the sabot projectile has the armor-piercing role, the HE missile has been converted to a HE-DP (high-explosive multipurpose missile) missile. It now allows higher damage against infantry. Excellent against destructible coverages. 
• Blast damage increased from 50 to 120 
• Inner blast radius reduced from 1.5m to 1.3m 
• Blast radius increased from 4m to 5.5m 
• Reload time reduced from 4s to 3s 
• Damage reduced from 280 to 200 
• Speed ​​increased from 150 to 200 
• Renaming to HE-DP 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced from 5,000 to 1,500 
• Physics: Blast impulse reduced from 5,000 to 1,500

Main Battle Tank Secondary: Steering Block
Conversion into a great option for long distances (comparable to laser-guided missiles). Now offers constant damage and is no longer dependent on the hit angle. 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time reduced from 30s to 15s 
• Reload time reduced from 5s to 4s 
<Unguarded hits> 
• Blast length increased from 300m to 550m 
• Inner blast radius reduced from 4.49m to 2.99m 
• Blast 
damage increased from 100 to 150 • Damage lies now at 450 
• Blast radius reduced from 4.5m to 3.0m 
• Physics: Impact impulse now at 2.500 
• Physics: Blast now at 1.500 
• Maximum curve angle now at 720 °
• Gravity increased from -7.2m / s² to -20m / s² 
<Encouraged hits> 
• Inner blast radius reduced from 4.49m to 2.99m 
• Blast damage reduced from 250 to 225 
• Damage now at 450 
• Blast radius of 4.5m reduced to 3.0m 
• Physics: Impact impulse now at 2.000 
• Physics: Explosive impulse is now 1.000 
• Maximum curve angle is now 720 °

Main Battle Tank Secondary Weapon: STAFF Missile
Conversion into a low / medium range option. Allows critical hits against enemy vehicles. Low ammunition. Target tracking is similar to MBT-LAW. 
• Beam length increased from 15m to 150m 
• Maximum angle reduced from 20.0 ° to 1.8 ° 
• Visibility test increased from 15m to 150m 
• Speed ​​reduced from 180m / s to 150m / s 
• Magazine size reduced from 5 to 2 
• Ammunition: Automatic refill time increased from 10s to 20s 
• Damage reduced from 37.5 to 0 
• Inner blast radius reduced from 4.49m to 2.99m 
• Blast damage increased from 100 to 150 (material change) • Blast radius reduced 
from 4.50m to 3m
• Reload time increased from 3s to 4s 
• Capture only visible targets is now enabled (previously disabled) 
• Physics: Blast decay reduced from 5,000 to 1,500

Main Battle Tank Secondary Weapon: Coaxial LMG
overheating has been reduced to facilitate use in tight situations. The LMG is intended to be an easy and reliable option for repelling infantry. 
• Heat per ball reduced from 0.07 to 0.0635 
• Maximum hold-down multiplier increased from 8 to 9 
• Minimum hold-down multiplier reduced from 12 to 9

Main Battle Tank Secondary Weapon: Coaxial SMG
Overheats faster but offers higher speed as it is intended to be a distance alternative to the LMG. Damage and hold down have been reduced. The SMG can (unlike the LMG) damage unarmoured vehicles. 
• Increases speed from 500m / s to 670m / s 
• Increases heat per ball from 0.1 to 0.145 
• Heat reduction per second increased from 0.34 to 0.5 
• Maximum hold-down multiplier reduced from 25 to 20 
• Minimum hold-down multiplier reduced from 34 to 20 • Drop damage reduced 
from 50 to 45 
• Damage reduced from 38 to 30

Armored Infantry: General
Guns can shoot upwards to handle verticality better. Improved acceleration on steep climbs. 
• The gun’s angle restrictions have been increased from 15 ° to 25 ° in uphill deployment. 
• Upper hit field has been activated for hits on the top (not just the gun) • Top 
speed increased slightly. 
• Acceleration improved on steep climbs

Battle Tank: 25MM-HE bullet
slightly improved damage against vehicles. Damage to infantry improved significantly. HE bullet should be considered as an all-round option. 
• Inner 
blast radius reduced from 2.5m to 2.0m • Blast 
damage increased from 20 to 35 • Damage increased from 20 to 24 
• Speed ​​increased from 200m / s to 225m / s 
• Scattered minimum angle reduced from 0.5 ° to 0 ° 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced from 1,500 to 500 
• Damage to tanks reduced

Battle Tank: APFSDS bullet
improved damage against vehicles (compared to the other two options) 
• Increased damage from 24 to 32 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced from 1,500 to 500 
• Damage to tanks reduced

Main Battle Tank: Canister Missile
Infantry Defense Option ( vs the other two missiles) 
• Damage Model: Material 
Change • Helicopter Damage Multiplier increased from 0.6 to 0.6

Main battle tank: Coaxial LMG
Similar to the Panzer-LMG. Damage was increased, however, to strengthen it compared to TOW and Zuni rockets. 
• Heat per ball reduced from 0.07 to 0.0635 
• Maximum hold-down multiplier increased from 8 to 9 
• Minimum hold-down multiplier reduced from 12 to 9 
• Start damage increased from 22 to 27 • Damage increased 
from 15.6 to 18

Mobile Air Defense: General
LAV-AD (like the Mobile Air Defense counterparts) now has excellent climbs. 
Damage to the Mobile Air Defense guns has been reduced to jets and tanks

Mobile Air Defense: 20MM gun
The better choice against fast targets (jets). Easier use compared to the 30MM model. 
• Dropoff is now 600-1,000m 
• Maximum damage reduced from 15 to 12.6 • Min Damage reduced 
from 12.6 to 4.2 
• Damage to infantry reduced in principle

Mobile Air Defense: 30MM Guns Works
better for short distances (up to 800m) than the 20MM model. The perfect choice to get closer to the front and control the airspace. 
• Dropoff is now 700-1000m 
• Maximum damage reduced from 50 to 49 • Min Damage reduced 
from 42 to 20 
• Damage to infantry reduced in principle

Transport Vehicles: AAV-7A1 AMTRAC
Survival Opportunity of the AMTRAC Has Been Enhanced 
• Health Increased from 1,000 to 1,250 • Gun Limits Now Correspond to the Angle Display 
in the HUD

Transport Vehicles: LYT2021, VDV Buggy, M1161 ITV
Survival Opportunity Unarmored Jeeps Increased • Front damage
bonus removed


The majority of infantry adjustments are directly related to the vehicle adjustments in terms of balance. There are also some general improvements and balance adjustments for shotguns and the Mare’s Leg.


Battle Pickup HVM-II
The HVM-II is now a high-speed missile. It has tremendous power, but can no longer perform one-hit kills against aircraft. The HVM used to be the game’s best anti-aircraft missile, as it easily overcame countermeasures thanks to its high speed. Has the highest damage. 
• Damage reduced from 100 to 52 
• Initial speed increased from 1m / s to 20m / s 
• Acceleration increased from 20m / s² to 75m / s² 
• Maximum speed increased from 200m / s to 350m / s 
• Time to use at 6s (Laser: 10s) reduced 
• Curve rate to max. 350 decreased

Battle Pickup M136 CS (AT4)
Now has constant speed. Blast radius increased to improve effectiveness against infantry. 
• Initial speed increased from 40m / s to 70m / s 
• Engine power reduced from 10m / s² to 0m / s² 
• Maximum speed reduced from 100m / s to 70m / s 
• Inner blast radius increased from 0.35m to 1.5m • Blast radius 
of 4m 5m increased

The effectiveness of shotgun and flechet ammunition has been reduced over medium distances. Shotguns were better balanced in comparison to each other. 
Shot and Flechet ammo damage reduced to reduce effectiveness at range Ball mass was reduced 
to improve balance on UTS 15, Saiga 12k, DAO-12, DBV-12 & M1014 
Damage dropoff of 25-50m 24-32m reduced

Mare’s Leg increased
damage over medium range to give the weapon an edge over the .44 Magnum 
• Damage dropoff increased from 45m to 60m

damage reduced. Due to the throwing distance and the lack of possibility to ward off damage by reactive armor, it was too easy to destroy vehicles. The reload time has been increased. 
Blast damage reduced from 500 to 400 • Inner blast radius reduced from 2m to 1m • Blast radius reduced 
from 5m to 4m


Storm Trooper Gadget: M320 GL
Speed ​​and blast damage have been improved. A magazine has been added. The M320 3GL can now cause significant blast damage with all 3 shots. 
• Initial speed increased from 25m / s to 32m / s 
• Magazine quantity increased from 2 to 3 • Blast damage increased 
from 35 to 45

Storm Trooper Gadget: M320 (ARROW)
Changes were made (similar to normal shotguns): more bullets, less damage, tighter angle. The performance should now be more consistent. 
• Increase ball count per bullet from 12 to 24 • Bullet angle 
reduced from 2.5 ° to 2.0 ° • Damage reduced 
from 25 to 11.2 
• Damage reduced from 8.4 to 5.6 
• Damage Dropoff begins at 12m increased to 24m • Increased 
damage dropoff from 30m to 32m

Storm Trooper Gadget: M26 Accuracy of
aiming in motion has been increased (according to other shotguns). 
• Minimum angle reduced from 1.2 ° to 0.4 °


The ability to use Targeting Launcher in vehicles has been removed. (Dumbfire launcher can still be used.) Vehicles need to be able to escape from infantry – but this has been made almost impossible for pioneers in vehicles to use targeting launcher.

Pioneer gadget: FGM-172 SRAW
The SRAW is now less extreme and a more attractive option. It has less damage but better speed over short distances. He also offers a dumbfire option. In addition, he has a more agile target tracking, which allows small corrections. 
• Damage reduced from 215 to 188 
• Initial speed increased from 15m / s to 30m / s 
• Engine power increased from 25m / s² to 30m / s² 
• Target tracking range increased from 450m to 500m 
• Change of physics property from rocket to bullet (this increases the damage, inter alia, to armored personnel carriers, mobile air defense and combat boats). 
• Minimum curve angle increased from 0 ° to 2 °
• Curve angle multiplier increased from 2 to 3 
• Maximum curve angle reduced from 35 ° to 30 °

Pioneer gadget: FIM-92 STINGER
A strong option for holding positions. Due to drastically reduced acceleration and increased acquisition time, the targets now receive a significantly longer warning time. High damage. 
• Acceleration reduced from 100m / s² to 50m / s² 
• Detection time increased from 1.0s to 1.3s 
• Beam length increased from 350m to 400m 
• Damage increased from 175 to 270 
• Time reduced from 10s to 7s 
• Static position adjusted (according to IGLA) 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced from 2,500 to 2,000 
• Acceptance angle reduced from 7 ° to 5 ° 
• Curve rate of max. 360 on max. 250 reduced

Pioneer gadget: SA-18 IGLA
Similar to the Stinger, but much more focused against jets, offering better speed and hold-lock mechanics. High damage. 
• Acceleration reduced from 125m / s² to 75m / s² 
• Maximum speed reduced from 500m / s to 350m / s 
• Detection time increased from 1.0s to 1.1s 
• Damage increased from 175 to 270 
• Time adjusted from 10s to 6s 
• Physics: Impact impulse reduced from 2,500 to 2,000 
• Acceptance angle reduced from 8,5 ° to 5 ° 
• Curve rate of max. 360 on max. 350 decreased

Pioneer gadget: MBT LAW (NLAW)
Flight curve has been adjusted to the crosshairs. 
• Initial position (y) adjusted from 0m to -0.05m 
• Initial speed (y) increased from 0m / s to 0.5m / s 
• Default spawn camera disabled

Pioneer Gadget: Anti-Aircraft Mine
The behavior has been adjusted to behave more like a mine (with instant detection and reduced range). Use with pioneer launchers possible. This gadget only provides support features (like AT mines). 
• Instant detection enabled 
• Beam length reduced from 200m to 75m 
• Maximum amount reduced from 2 to 1 
• Damage increased from 150 to 210 
• Can now be used with Pioneer Launchers


Supply Soldier Gadget: UCAV
The UCAV has been weakened against vehicles (especially aircraft). Direct action is directed against vehicles, Airburst is directed against infantry. You will now receive a new UCAV every 40 seconds. 
• Ammo: Automatic refill time adjusted from 60s to 40s. 
<Direct Attack 
Blast damage reduced from 400 to 200. • Physics: Blast impulse reduced from 15,000 to 1,500. 
• Physics: Shockwave impulse reduced from 5,000 to 500. 
• Blast damage reduced from 200 to 125. 
• Inner Blasting radius increased from 2m to 2.5m

Supply Soldier Gadget: Mortar
Mortar Delay has been reduced 
• Time to use reduced from 30s to 15s 
• You will automatically receive a new mortar every 60 seconds

Supply Soldier Gadget: Ammo Crate & Ammo Pack
The majority of gadget replenishment times have been adjusted for greater consistency and better balance:

• M67: 8 seconds 
• RGO: 7 seconds 
• V40: 7 seconds 
• Fire rate: 7 seconds 
• Stun grenade: 7 seconds 
• Hand Flare: 7 seconds

• XM-25 Airburst / Smoke: 7 seconds 
• XM-25 / M320 Arrow: 2.5 seconds 
• M320 HE / LVG / 3GL / Flash: 7 seconds 
• C4: 8 seconds 
• Pioneer Launcher: 8 seconds


Weapon: CS5
• Zero corrected


In this release, we’ve made some specific changes to improve the goal-based gameplay and squad teamplay. 
Sniper Bonus Removed 
The distance-based sniper bonus points have been removed as they promote less goal-oriented gameplay. 
The sniper bonus is now calculated at a flat rate of 25 points, with the distance given in brackets.

New balance of target points
We looked at statistics such as the points scored per minute in each game mode since launch, and found some modes that needed to be strengthened.

• Flag Conquest points increased from 150 to 400 
• Siegordensband points increased from 1,500 to 3,000

• Bomb picking points 
increased from 100 to 150 • Bomb possession points (per tick) increased from 10 to 25 
• Siegordensband points increased from 1,500 to 2,000

Increases M-COM Defuse Points from 400 to 500 • Increases M-COM Destruction Points (across Teams) from 400 to 500 
• Increases Siegordensband Points from 1,500 to 3,000

Squad target: Squadleader change
With regard to inactive squad leaders, we have the Hardline version including some setup tweaks built. Active squad leaders should be encouraged. 
• Command requests from squad members trigger a 30-second cooldown. If the request remains unanswered, the squad leader role changes from the current leader to the member who requested the command. 
• Attack commands no longer automatically become defensive commands after taking a target.


With this release, we continue to work on creating the best “netcode” of all multiplayer games. 
We fix most of the known tickrate issues that were included in the Summer Patch. There are also a lot of general optimizations! 
PC gamers have certainly already encountered various servers with high tick rates and more than 60 Hz. And with this release we continue to improve the gaming experience in this regard.

Specific Changes to High Tickrates
This release fixes a number of known beta issues that only occurred on servers with higher than 30 Hz tick rates. In addition, the existing features are optimized and tuned. 
• Servers with high rates have been activated. Rental server providers can now provide lease servers with tick rates above 30 Hz (this was already implemented after the summer patch). 
• Battlelog: server browser displays and filters for high-ticketing servers have been added. • Fixed 
an issue that would immediately stop the rise of a jet when a mouse is used on high-ticketing servers
• Fixed an issue where the wings of aircraft would behave inconsistently at high ticrates (even at low frame rates) 
• Soldier Movement: Sprint Acceleration modifiers were implemented for high levels of ticketing (similar to walking modifiers built in some time ago) 
• Weapons : Fixed an issue where salvo fire, recoil, scatter, and weapon movement were not consistent. 
• Various general movement and jump issues were resolved. 
• Increased anti-rubberbanding was added for high levels of ticketing. • A pickup 
problem. Features (combat pickups etc.) has been fixed
• Server / client synchronization has been improved for character input at low FPS number 
• Bandwidth usage has been significantly reduced at higher tick rates

Dual frame history time
support Dual frame history time minimizes both the dusting and the biggest problems with high pings! 
• Infantry & all non-vehicle objects use FHT 0.125. With a ping over 250ms, you have to aim your shots to equalize. 
• Vehicles use FHT 1.0. Consequently, most projectiles also hit higher speeds or pings in vehicles. 
• The maximum allowed latency is set to 1s, as Frame History Time now protects other players.

Visualization & Tools

In this release we present extensive enhancements and new elements of our network graphics.

Performance Overlay: General
The window now displays a longer period of time, making it easier to follow. 
Orange and red colors (Warning, Significant Problem) have been added to the problem display. These values ​​are associated with the HUD symbols for the corresponding problems (latency, server performance, etc.). 
• The latency variation 
calculation of the warning symbols has been adjusted. • PC: An RCON command for the server tick rate display has been added (on RSP request). 
• Performance overlay: Tracking properties have been updated

Tickrate (Hz)
• Display of the current active tick rate of the server. Latency (ms) • Display of client latency (such as ping, but within the game). The lower, the better. LatVrtn (ms) • Display of the current latency variation. The lower, the better. PktLoss (%) • Displays the current packloss value. The lower, the better. CliFired (num) • Displays the number of balls currently fired on the client. CliHit (num) • Displays the number of bullets that currently hit the client (usually should match the CliFired number). SrvDmgBnd (num) • Displays the damage bundle currently sent by the server. Does not serve the comparison with the CliHit value.

SrvTick (ms)
• Displays the amount of time it takes the server to process a “tick” (an update). The lower, the better. This value should be consistent in the longer term. SrvOffset (ms) • Display of the backlog / lead that the player has opposite the server. A value between 0 and 50 is good. If the value is below 0, the server can hardly keep up. If the value is over 50, the client bandwidth can hardly keep up. DownStr (kbit) • Display of the bandwidth used by the game between server and client (in kbit).

CONSOLE: The ping display in the server browser and in the rental server UI has been revised to display the expected values ​​correctly: 5 bars • Excellent connection • (0ms-50ms) 4 bars • Good connection • (50ms-100ms) 3 bars • Acceptable connection • (100ms-170ms) 2 bars • Still acceptable connection • (170ms-220ms) 1 bar • Bad connection • (220ms-300ms)

Optimizations & Improvements
This release includes many server and client side optimizations (both smaller and larger). 
• Increased the size of the vehicle display (30 Hz and higher) 
• Various minor optimizations in terms of bandwidth and sequence 
• Using 3D distances instead of 2D distances for better Ghost use (network objects)


And finally, here’s the list of changes made in this release that were not included in the detailed explanation or just a fix. Unless otherwise stated, all changes apply to all platforms.

Position in Zavod 311, Operation Hammerhead and others
• Two legs can now be used on window ledges 
• Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the ceiling while attempting to jump through windows 
• Fixed an issue related to Team Balancer by which players were forced to constantly attack or defend in Rush. The balancer now switches between 2 decision mechanisms each time a team rebuilds before a round. 
• Fixed an issue that enabled Team Balancer by default in Disarm Mode. This option is now disabled by default.
• Fix from Hardline. Fixed an issue that disabled the collision query from the local client, making a soldier invincible. This was also called “Bullet soaker bug”. 
• Single Player: Fixed an issue in the third mission of the Campaign (South China Marine Mission) that was hampering player progress

Squad Destruction: Changes
• The size of the host team territory restrictions has been increased to prevent a bomb exploit. 
• The bomb reset should not be in the hands of the players. 
• Fixed an issue that prevented 3P players from hearing any ladder sounds. 
• PC: Fixed an RSP server stability 
issue. • PC: The “French jump glitch” problem (players may have been prone) may have been resolved fixed 
• PC: Several crashes that occurred in the Community Test Environment on the community map have been fixed. 
• PC: An issue with Origin and the BF4 client version has been resolved
• PC: A common crash in the live environment (the third most common) has been fixed. 
• Xbox One: Fixed an issue where the Kinect Lean option did not work in active gameplay

• At Minimap, Hardline-added graphic elements have been added for revenue areas (support for square, shape and circle) 
• The minimap mechanics known from Hardline for displaying the player-based height difference has been added 
• Player symbols above: Additional transparency, scale slightly increased. 
• Player icons below: Additional transparency, scale slightly reduced. 
• Both adjustments start above / below 3.5m (final size at 7m +) 
• Corrected HUD text with active protection enabled 
• Countermeasure HUD corrected. The HUD should now properly reset itself, even if the countermeasures are used during charging.
Fixed a problem with the static “Killed In Action” hint that occurred when a normal soldier joined the game as a commander. 
• Consoles: The sorting of items in the Quick Game menu has been changed. The newest elements are now at the top.

• Smoke grenades now block FLIR / IRNV 
• M18 and 40MM smoke grenades stop the sighting of players in the blast. This behavior corresponds to the XM25 smoke grenade. 
• M-60 ULT Combat Pickup added (Operation Outbreak) 
• Motion Sensor Text Update: The text now displays a correct duration of 14 seconds (instead of 24 seconds). 
• Laser missile capture time reduced from 2.0s to 1.5s 
• PLD capture range increased from 350m to 500m 
• PLD glow distance increased (according to detection 
distance • Fixed a problem with vehicles occupied by PLD / Aiming missiles not prioritized. 
• Fixed inconsistencies with incendiary effects:
– Effect has been split so that both shells have their own effect. 
– Handheld effect has been slightly reduced in radius and duration to match the long term damage scores. 
– Tank effect has been increased in radius and duration to match the long term damage values. 
– Both effects can better block night vision devices. 
• Fixed an issue that left Flares Crater off-road 
• Fixed an issue where the M240B had amplifiers, FLIR / IRNV, and all mid-range visors. The amplifier can no longer be equipped with FLIR / IRNV or mid-range sights.
• Fixed an issue that caused grenades to jump back to the player when dropped on an ammo box or medipack. • The grenade now flies through the box, shattering it and landing exactly where it was intended by the player.

• Fixed an issue where Hydra / Smart missiles were not causing damage to surrounding helicopters • Fixed an issue where the board 
entry button was displayed on the left wing instead of the middle 
• Upgrade reduces the visibility of vehicles through heat viziers 
• The Tunguska tank’s approach has been increased (according to the other tanks) 
• The visibility of Tarnjet tracers has been increased 
• Fixed an issue where Passive Radar missiles are spinning around the targeted target if the target is lost or the weapon is changed 
• Transport Helicopters: Fixed an issue where Page Miniguns were turning too fast.
• Combat Boats: The side miniguns have been adjusted to prevent them from spinning too fast.


Support for server filters and server browser lists for higher tickrates has been added

ZAVOD 311 CARDS • Fixed an issue where US soldiers could spawn at CQS A target when reentering outside of the game area

an issue in Rush mode that allowed the player to get under the map at the second attacker base

a specific crash issue on the Pearl Market card for players with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (driver version 353.30)

BAD TRANSMISSION • Fixed an issue where players could spawn / camp in Conquering
(Large) mode on enemy transport helicopters

STORING SHANGHAI • Fixed an issue that could cause players under the map to approach
Target A

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